"Unlike any textile I have seen... The Buckingham Quilt is not just a quilt, but a true American Historical Artifact like no other."

Bobbie A. Aug  
AQS Certified Appraiser of Quilts and Quilted Textiles

Appraisal of The Buckingham Quilt

January 18, 2014
Tucson, Arizona, USA


Bobbie A. Aug 
AQS Certified Appraiser of Quilts and Quilted Textiles

Physical Description - Whole Cloth Style.

Size - Approximately 80" W x 88" L

Date Made - Circa 1665

Made By - Hester Hosmer Buckingham (1641-1702)

Predominant Colors - Brown, blue

Fabric - Damask, wool

Batt/Fill - Wool

Construction - Hand pieced, hand quilted.

Quilting Pattern - Diagonal parallel lines in chevron motif.

Description - Quilt consists of 6 each 18.5" wide x 37" woven palampore - style glazed floral damask panels in blue pattern on dark brown ground. Bordered on 1 end with woven gold and brown woven wool stripe. Other end is randomly pieced blue on brown. Sides about 12.5" woven gold and brown wool stripe.

Backing - Hand woven damask in blue and off white stripe with pieced lengths of brown wool.

Edge Finish - Green wool applied binding.

Workmanship - Construction: Fair overall. Quilting: Fair/good overall. 

Condition - Some repair, missing stitches/open seams on binding. Fair overall. 

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