A note titled “Description of Old Family Quilt”. This was transcribed June 19, 2007.

Taken from a letter by Jennie Field - an adopted color girl; August 10, 1907, to Alice Electa Hinman Crane.

This old bedspread your Grandmother Barker [Armina Smith Barker] promised you so many years ago, was owned by your third great grandmother, so Aunt Electa just told me, that person spun the yarn and colored an (in) the lining, also carded the wool that was used to make the cloth. The middle part of upper lining was called damask cloth and was quite costly in those days. Your Grandmother Barker has kept it from the years 1847 or 1850 until her death which I think was in 1893 and your Aunt Mary has kept it until her death. It is surely a fine old relic and I know you will prize it for its antiquity.